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Countdown To Brazil

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Countdown To Brazil


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Countdown to Brazil 2014 is an entertaining, interactive and informative new show that takes the viewer on a football journey around the globe before landing in Brazil ahead of the 2014 World Cup. This brand new show is a (commercial) half hour programme that will run for 32 weeks from November 6, 2013 through June 11, 2014 - the eve of the World Cup. The show will hook football fans across the world with its potent mix of actuality, interviews, interaction and news. We will gain access to some of the biggest players and managers in world football, and dissect the highs and lows of the qualification rounds to assess each team’s chances in the competition. Each week we’ll see what global football stories have been making the headlines, and we’ll also step back in time to remember some of the greatest World Cup moments as the competition reaches its 20th staging in 2014. Viewers will be given a personal look into the Brazil World Cup through the experience of the fans, as they demonstrate the crazy and eccentric ways in which they will be championing their team. We’ll also take a journey through the streets of Brazil, looking at the locations, stadiums and training grounds that will define the competition.